Year 2G: Hands On Learning …

We have had our hands full these last few weeks! We have been learning about how to make dioramas by creating a design to show what it will look like, what we will need to use and thinking about how we will attach our materials. We think they look pretty good and are beginning to critique our own models.

DSC08565 DSC08574 DSC08577 DSC08580 DSC08581DSC08609DSC08611DSC08600

We have also been learning about 2D shapes, lines and how to measure lengths. We each chose a different unit of measurement to measure and compare 5 different lines and work out the order of longest to shortest.

DSC08645 DSC08646 DSC08662 DSC08661 DSC08663 DSC08648 DSC08651 DSC08666

We have also been sharing some great stuff with our morning talks each week. Some of us share Power Points, some of us bring in items or write notes and some of us practice at home by talking to our family. We are learning all about how to show good eye contact and speak clearly in front of an audience as well as show great listening!

DSC08636 DSC08593 DSC08640 DSC08558 DSC08552 DSC08550DSC08554

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